Our mission statement

To encourage, promote and support wellbeing in the veteran community and beyond.

Tier One recognised that if CBD was to help veterans, the price point had to be realistic to meet the cost of continuous use. We saw no value in trying something and finding that it helped but then, be concerned if unable to afford it in the long term.

However, let us be clear about this, Tier One isn’t just for veterans; we want to reach out to anyone who feels the need for CBD in a form of their choice and enjoy affordable access to top-quality CBD oils and creams.

Tier One has worked tirelessly with industry-leading companies who felt that they wanted to play their part in helping us achieve our goal of helping the veteran community and beyond. They were totally engaged and saw this as a way of giving something back to all those who gave so much and with so many, are still doing so.

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Our Aim

Our aim is to help veterans and indeed, the wider community, to meet the demands of daily life and still come out on top. By having access to great quality and affordable CBD oil, capsules and cream at a price which makes it achievable to keep going.

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From my military service, which was predominantly with UKSF, injuries and failed surgery took their toll not only on my body but on my mind too. So many times, I tried to regain some form of fitness with it ending painfully too soon. This went on for years and eventually seen the MoD classing me as disabled. Looking back, this had a profound effect on my mental state, which largely had me giving up on myself.

All this changed around March 2019 when I chatted with someone who convinced me to try CBD. The change in me was so quick and soon had me joining a gym where I kept a routine of 4-5 time a week up to Covid appearing… it had been years since I had experienced this.

Now I am not saying CBD is a magic bullet, it did not address the failed surgery but it did rid me of many nagging aches and pains carried over from my years of service. It also gave me what I would describe as a bounce in my step, which all led to a far more positive, and uplifting mind state. Another thing, which excited me, was that CBD is plant-based and not pharmaceutical, so zero nasty side effects.

Whilst plodding on the treadmill enjoying my regained positive mind state, I thought about how CBD may be the same for the millions of veterans that surrendered their young bodies and minds to the cause! Tier One was born out of that vision and I truly want to have my community to have affordable access in the hope that it will do for them, what it did for me.

I want to be very clear at this point, whilst Tier One is military veteran-focused, a part of our vision is for the wider community to have access to high quality and affordable CBD too. You don’t have to be a veteran to access our CBD products, after all, it is in our veteran DNA that we look out for each other.