What strength CBD should I use?

What strength CBD should I take?

I wish that there was a simple answer to this, but there isn’t. Research on CBD really got off the ground in the last few years, so this is not yet an exact science. However, we do know a few things. Body Size Matters for CBD Oil potency. It works the same way as with almost anything you imbibe. Therefore, if you’re a big body person, you may want to start at a higher CBD oil concentration than if you’re a smaller person.



CBD Strength Options

Low-strength CBD (150-300mg) makes good options for those who are especially responsive to CBD products (perhaps their endocannabinoid system is more active) or who simply want to use CBD for wellness support.

Mid-strength CBD (600-1200mg) may be more helpful for those who need a little extra support or who are not getting the benefits they need from the lower dosage.

High-Strength CBD (1200mg and up) is available for those with more cumbersome issues such as difficulty maintaining a healthy sleep pattern or more prone to stress responses.



CBD results can take time

Another thing we know is that CBD tends to accumulate in your body over time. While some people report dramatic results on first use, many others find that the reaction creeps up on them after a few weeks of daily consumption. You could be in a state called endocannabinoid deficiency, follow this link for further reading regarding this.

As you may have noticed, a low-concentration CBD product is also a more cost-effective one, so if you can derive benefits from it, then it can be helpful for your bank balance as well as your health. Try taking a modest CBD oil strength every morning and evening, monitor the responses, and gradually increase if necessary. What is important is to not give up too early and be consistent. CBD isn’t like an over the counter painkiller where you generally notice the effects within 20+ minutes. CBD works with your body (endocannabinoid system) so, depending on what that is currently like will reflect the duration before you may notice a difference. In addition, it could be that you started on too low a strength, so be prepared to move up. Be sure of one thing though, your patience and commitment will be well worth it.

Give it about a month before adjusting the serving size up, if needed. However, if you feel it is too much, you can decrease the serving size at any time. Just know as you adjust up, you need time for the product to work in your system adequately, and it takes a few weeks to assess this appropriately.



Milligrams of CBD alone doesn’t actually equal the CBD oil strength

What often confuses people with this milligram figure is they assume that this alone is the strength of the product, but it really is not, especially if you measure your doses by number of drops / sprays. In our experience, most people measure doses in drops or sprays so understanding what the true strength of the CBD product you use is important.

Another important consideration is the volume of the product container. No one really thinks about this but there two typical bottle sizes that CBD oil sold in the UK, 10ml or 30ml.



So knowing the volume of the bottle is crucial too

For example if you have a 10ml bottle of CBD Oil which has 1000mg stated on the label, and a 30ml bottle that is also stated as 1000mg, then these two bottles actually have different strengths despite containing the same amount of CBD.

Drop for drop the 30ml bottle is only a third as strong as the 10ml bottle. Yes they both contain the same overall amount (mg) of cannabinoids, but if you measure your dose in drops or sprays, then you’re only getting a third of the amount of CBD when using say 5 drops / sprays of the 30ml product versus 5 drops of the 10ml size product. Tier One clearly state the mg value of each spray from all the different strengths.

In other words, the same amount of CBD diluted into a much larger volume of carrier oil, so each drop contains less.

Confusing? It can be so, how can we get a true measure of CBD oil strength? This is why another metric is also very important – a percentage.



Percentage strength figure is the best measure of strength

The percentage given on the label represents the concentration, i.e. the true measure of the drop-for-drop strength of a product.

To continue the example above, and trying to avoid any calculation, 1000mg of CBD (cannabinoids) in a 10ml bottle is a concentration of 10%.

Therefore, 1000mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle is a approximately 3.3% concentration – therefore drop for drop it’s only a third as strong as the 10% oil despite containing the same 1000mg amount of CBD.

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