Soldier Plus®

Training Enhancement Aid

Each product contains 60 capsules.

So what is Soldier Plus? We consistently hear the same thing back from customers who take Soldier Plus® health supplements and that is, it makes them sharper and gives them an extra gear when training. However, it is so much more than that. Soldier Plus® can help you in a number of areas, from energy to endurance to metabolism and many more areas too, such as muscle recovery.

Soldier Plus® is crammed with adaptogens and superfoods that have been around and used in herbal medicine for centuries, but somehow they were forgotten.

To learn more about the incredible adaptogenic, superfood ingredients that we’ve packed into our Soldier Plus® capsules, read more here and why not try them out for yourself?

10% of every product purchased will go to charity.


Rhodiola Rosea, Cacao, Maca Root, Irish Seamoss, Piperine, Rice Fibre

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Why you’ll love Tier One CBD

At Tier One®, we believe that if CBD is to be of optimum benefit then it has to be affordable and work within normal budgets. This is why we sell affordable, great-tasting, high-quality CBD products much lower than the average market price. All Tier One CBD® products have the same CBD as more expensive products, in terms of the core ingredient.   Our CBD products stand up to quality, taste and accuracy in tests. Just like other CBD brands and possibly even better!

Our Ingredients

All Tier One CBD® products are made by blending multiple cannabis extracts that contain a broad spectrum of cannabis suspended in an MCT carrier oil. MCT oil has a neutral taste and is light and super absorbable; it is then enriched with other naturally derived flavours.

CBD Compliance

Each Tier One CBD® product offers full regulatory compliance documentation, lab reports and made in a state of the art cleanroom.

Do not take if you are/have: pregnant and breast-feeding, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, low blood pressure.

Charity Donation

With each product sold, 10% will be donated to military charities of our choice.

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