Rhodiolife® Capsule Ingredients


Adaptogenic herbs work by helping the body to adapt to stress – be that physical or mental. A powerful adaptogen, Rhodiola rosea used in Tier One’s Rhodiolife® shown to have benefits for mental energy and stress in addition to boosting athletic performance, improving recovery and increasing immune protection after exercise and sports.


Tier One’s Rhodiolife® – Has been the world leader in quality Rhodiola rosea for the past 20 years. Rhodiolife® is our Rhodiola rosea extract from the pristine Siberian Altai region with significant adaptogenic activity, standardized to the highest possible active ingredients, 5% Rosavins and 1% Salidroside.


No batch-to-batch concern – Long-standing relationships with local partners guarantee a stable and long-term supply of the highest quality Rhodiola rosea roots, while a traceable 50-step quality assurance programme ensures every single batch of Rhodiolife® authenticated at every step of the journey.


Tier One’s Rhodiolife® is a proprietary standardized extract of one of the most potent adaptogens known: Rhodiola rosea


Rhodiolife® is the first BSCG Certified Drug Free® Rhodiola Rosea available on the market.

Rhodiolife®, verified as drug-free by the third-party certifier: Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG). The BSCG program tests for 496 drugs, including 272 drugs banned by a broad range of sports organisations.


Fact: Multiple checks and laboratory tests conducted at every step of the supply chain are made to ensure Tier One’s Rhodiolife® is authentic. From the wild harvest to product, the controlled supply of the raw ingredient of Rhodiola rosea undergoes 32 different laboratory tests to ensure its quality and authenticity.


Sports: Adaptogenic, Improves recovery, Protects muscle cells and Improves endurance


Cognitive health: Reduces fatigue, Improves memory, Improves anxiety & depression, Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory


SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement, recommended dose 125mg 1-3 times a day.


Avoid taking this product if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Always seek medical advice if you are currently on prescribed medication.


THE KING OF ADAPTOGENS: Rhodiola Rosea is the most famous adaptogen. A herb that has been in use for centuries, growing in Siberia and Scandinavia where its uses were widespread from the Vikings using it as a strength and endurance/stamina enhancer to aid them in battle and their cold climate. All the way to China where the Chinese emperor’s had sent small groups of his subjects up to Siberia to collect the Rhodiola Rosea for his own personal use. Rhodiola Rosea is said to reduce stress and treat depression, enhances energy with no crash like with caffeine. It contains anti-oxidants so improves the immune system, raises endurance and stamina. Take Rhodiola Rosea at the onset of a stressful situation and it may help you to manage the situation in a resourceful and healthy way. Athletes like to take a dose to shorten recovery time between workouts. Rhodiola Rosea helps the body manage and balance the stress that is brought on by intense physical exercise efficiently.

Rhodiola Rosea, the most famous adaptogen used in our Soldier Plus Supplements