I’ve been using Tier One for the past month, and have felt some relief to the nerve damage to my arm and finger in my left hand after being diagnosed with compressed vertebrae discs. Since taking Tier One CBD (tried others with little/no effect), I have found that the continuous tingling sensation in my finger has markedly alleviated. I also find that the disturbed sleep I had is much more “comfortable” and hence I’m now regularly getting a decent night’s sleep.

Charles Cadmus
Tier One CBD Oil®

I have recently started using some products made by Tier One, the Soldier Plus capsules are amazing! When I first tried them, I took one capsule before a gym workout with incredible results. They help big time with muscle development and recovery also and the best part is with them being natural there are no hidden nasties, incredible capsules. Absolutely brilliant! I would recommend these to anyone.

Mike Osbourne
Tier One Soldier Plus Capsules®

I recently started taking the CBD oil made by Tier One, this oil is very effective at dealing with all sorts of my health problems as well as maintaining good health and dealing with everyday aches and pains. It’s a good strength in comparison to other CBD oils found on the internet I’ve bought and inexpensive too. I’d be very reluctant to give up my daily dosage and go back to how my condition felt before using Tier One.

Mrs A Johnson
Tier One 1000mg CBD Oil®

Is it an elixir, is it drawn from the fountain of youth? I don’t know but it has had a positive effect on me physically. My knee, whilst not that of my 18-year-old former self, does feel better, not so painful over the first mile & taking the stairs isn’t the hobble it once was.

Mr K Morris
Tier One CBD Oil® & Soldier Plus Capsules®

After spending many years on painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs for my osteoarthritis, I was recommended by a family member to try Tier One CBD oil and cream.

Within days of using these products, I had my first good night’s sleep for many years without constantly being disturbed by joint pain.  In addition to this, I have been able to considerably reduce my prescribed medications which in itself is amazing!

Paul Longworth
Tier One CBD Oil® & Topical®

I can’t thank Tier One enough for their support, product knowledge and information which for me solidifies the product quality. This truly has been a turning point. Not just for me but for my family. I have recommended Tier One to friends who have also seen significant results.

Andrew Langley
Tier One CBD Oil® & Soldier Plus Capsules®