10% of profit goes to charity

As well as Tier One being an affordable price, we want to recognize the relentless and enduring work and commitment that UK Special Forces contribute to the UK and to that end, Tier One will donate 10% of every sale to their charities.

Tier One is looking to the future where we intend to go out into the community and aid those less fortunate than ourselves. We will be working with homeless veteran charities and gifting products to them monthly in the hope that it will offer some form of help.

Runners on the trail use CBD Oils for Mental Health

Tier One Outreach Programme

Tier One in the Community

Tier One CBD is currently searching for brand ambassadors who will assist with our Tier One CBD in the Community projects. Please contact us if you think you are that person?

Tier One CBD Outreach Programme

With this programme, Tier One CBD aim to work alongside charities who look after the many thousands of homeless veterans. We want to hit the streets on a monthly basis and handover as many bottles of CBD oil as we can afford free of charge to homeless veterans in the hope that it may be of benefit to them. Plans are currently being finalized at the time of writing this with further updates added to our Tier One CBD Newsletter on our website.

Tier One CBD Fizz in the Park

This is one for the future but for now, we are happy to chat about it. Fizz in the Park is conceptually a situation where veterans and the general population will be made welcome to attend an instructor-led hour of British military type fitness, free of charge. Whilst we want this training to mirror military fitness sessions, we don’t see it being a ‘beasting’ that many of us know from the past. There will be heaps of encouragement and the expectation that attendees will go at their own pace but see the exercise through as best they can. Our home is Hereford so it’s fitting that we will work on the blueprint of this here and once it’s perfected, we want to roll it out to as many areas as possible.

Our hope is that those veterans who feel isolated and may be sidelined after their service can connect with like-minded people and enjoy a good old fizz session free of charge. We also hope that connections can be made whereby networking may lead to career openings or tradesmen etc.