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Frequently asked questions

Is CBD legal in the UK?

Yes! CBD is 100% legal as long it doesn’t contain more than the acceptable amount of THC.

Is CBD a drug or a medicine?

No! CBD is classified by the UK Food Safety Authority (FSA) as a food supplement.

Will I fail a drugs test if I use CBD?

This will all depend on the integrity of the CBD oil etc purchased. We’re very proud of Tier One CBD oil and can openly state that it contains < 0.01% THC therefore certified as THC free as no trace amount of THC could be detected and quantified.

If I don’t like oil, is there another way to take CBD?

Yes! You can vape CBD oil which is the most efficient way to take it into our bodies. You can take it as a capsule but this then has to be digested which is the least efficient way to take into our bodies. Or you can use a topical cream which will not enter the bloodstream but will work through your epidermis to the CB receptors there.

How will I know what it can do for me?

If you’re asking this question then there is a good chance you’ve already researched it but we highly recommend that you find a website which doesn’t sell anything (especially CBD products) and find your answers there – we like cbdcentral.com even though its US-centric, there’s a lot of information within it.

Can you tell me what benefits CBD can give me and what dosage I should take?

The simple answer is no! Because of the way the FSA has categorised CBD as a food supplement.

What is a cannabinoid?

“Cannabinoid” is the name given to any compound that interacts with the endocannabinoid system. This includes the cannabinoids made naturally by your body (called endocannabinoids) and the ones found in plants (called phytocannabinoids).

What is the Endocannabinoid System I hear so much about?

One system in the body underpins many others – Your doctor may never mention it, but the ECS impacts everything from your central nervous system to lymphatic system, immunity and the gut. It’s an intrinsic part of the brain, influencing mood, appetite and even sex hormones. It’s the body’s most complex signalling system, responsible for bringing your body into balance, or homeostasis. Research has shown the ECS as the most complicated signalling system in our body. The first endocannabinoid receptor was identified in 1988. But over the last 30 years, we’ve found that the ECS isn’t only in the brain. It is present everywhere in the body: the heart, liver, pancreas, skin, reproductive tract, you name it

Why is Tier One CBD so inexpensive?

The Tier One vision has been around now for almost 12 months and in that time we’ve approached industry-leading companies where we’ve pitched to them how we want to help the veteran (and wider) community. Our core value is that we want to sell CBD at an affordable price to ensure that for those who gain benefits, can continue to do so without interruption. We honestly felt that it would not be as impacting if this wasn’t achievable.

Thankfully, there are companies out there who 100% bought into our vision and were only too happy to support us. The message came across loud and clear that veterans are valued people and it was recognised that the time is right to give something back. This was music to our ears.

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