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Mood Boost Bundle

Mood Boost Bundle

So life can be hard sometimes, right? You’re just not in a good place with the grind of your daily routine lowering your mood. Let our Soldier Plus and CBD Oil help with anhance your frame of mind and quality of sleep.

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Soldier Plus®

For enhanced physical and mental performance.
100% Natural, Plant-Based. Vegan.
Ayurvedic Medicine.
Adaptogenic Herbs.

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CBD Oil Spray

Tier One®  CBD oils are fitted with a spray nozzle, making it easier to dose and no mess! Spray under your tongue, hold for one to two minutes. Allow the CBD to be fully absorbed before swallowing.

10% of every product purchased will go to charity.


MCT Coconut OIL, Cannabis Sativa L, Natural Flavourings*

*Only in Berry Blast and Citrus Burst (no flavourings in the 'Natural' flavour)

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